Summer Rains

Summertime in South Sudan is a busy, yet difficult time of year.  The rains are falling and crops are growing, but last year's crop has been depleted and food in the market is extremely expensive due to high prices.  Many families eat only once a day.  The rains bring mosquitoes, which bring malaria.  Please keep the South Sudanese in prayer as they work in their gardens and look forward to the harvest.  Pray that the economic situation would improve and the price of food would come down. 

Nhomlaau is now teaching literacy in two new churches and women are learning the alphabet and learning to read!  Several women from our first church are able to read their bibles, and we give praise to God for their hard work and determination!  Many young girls have joined the eight month program and we are excited to see how the Lord will use their young lives.  Please pray the women and girls would be faithful in attending class and practicing their reading at home.  

I am still in language learning and am now able to communicate most things in Dinka.  God willing, within the year I will be able to also teach the Word of God in Dinka without a translator.  Please pray for me to be consistent in my language lessons.     

We thank you for your support of the ministry and desire to see the South Sudanese grow in knowledge and wisdom. 

For His Name's Sake,