Back to Africa!

I'm headed back to South Sudan on May 26th!  Over the last several weeks, I've been able to implement several different treatments for mycoplasma and Lyme, and seem to be doing much better.  The Lyme specialist I am consulting believes I can continue treatment in South Sudan as well as I can I might as well be there!  And I agree!  So, in a couple weeks I'll start the long journey back to my little village in the northwest corner of the country.  Planting season has begun and I will just make it in time to plant a small garden.  I am so excited to take part in cultivation with the Dinka and plant some fruits and vegetables to add some variety to our fairly bland diet! ;-)

Please pray for:

1) Stability within the country- there have been tribal conflicts in northeast and central regions. 

2) The economy- the price of goods is skyrocketing as the South Sudanese currency rapidly loses value.  This is not critical for me, but devastating for the local people. 

3) The Dinka ladies- Awek and I will begin a bible study with the women once a week.  Pray for women to commit to attending and that they would grow in wisdom and grace.

4) The children- may the parents of children provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs to the best of their abilities 

5) Language learning- that I may continue to progress in learning the language and be fluent by the end of the year

6) Future- where the Lord would lead Nhomlaau in 2016

7) Health- that I would continue to recover from these bacteria and they would be eradicated from my body without residual issues 

Thank you so much for supporting the ministry and being a part of what God is doing in South Sudan!

For His Name's Sake,