Greetings from Africa!

Palm trees, red dirt, motorbikes, grass huts and ladies in colorful clothing carrying water on their heads dot the horizon.  The sights and sounds of South Sudan are intoxicating.  Walking through the market I can find dried fish, freshly ground peanut butter, greens, roasted meat and various other fruits and vegetables.  It is good to be back in Africa!  
My Dinka host family has been extremely welcoming and hospitable as I wait for my own house (hut) to be built.  I am meeting and building relationships with the women and children of the village (the men are mostly away working).  Language learning has begun and I am trying to make sense of this fairly simple but different tongue.  The motorbike is becoming my friend as I attempt to master it in order to gain some independence! 
God has been incredibly gracious to me in this transition and my call is reaffirmed each day.  Please pray that I would quickly understand and begin to speak the language and communicate Truth to the people around me.  Pray for good health as the dry season nears and the mosquitoes lessen.  Pray for my eyes to be fixed on Him who meets all needs and is sufficient for all things!
For His Name's sake,