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Ministry in Aweil

The last four months have been full of excitement, heartache, ministry and new experiences.  Not only am I learning the Dinka language, I've also learned to cook with charcoal, drive a motorbike and thatch a roof!  Ministry opportunities are abundant as I live among the Dinka and experience life with them.  School is back in session and I had the opportunity to help out at a nearby Christian school.  Many of these children are the first in their families to attend school, and there are even more girls than boys enrolled!

Nhomlaau sponsored the first Pastors and Wives conference in the Aweil West area during the last week in February.  This conference was in planning for two years!  It was an opportunity for husbands and wives to hear teaching on theology, marriage and family life, and other topics.    

I spent the month of January in Kenya, seeking a diagnosis and treatment for mycoplasma and Lyme Disease.  After some improvement, I returned to South Sudan for the month of February.  My symptoms have yet to subside, so I am back in the US, treating this bacteria more aggressively.  Please pray for healing so I can quickly get back to the field!

Many children come to my home each day.  They come to jump rope, have a snack, eat a meal, visit, get a bath, or just watch me go about my daily activities.  The needs of the children are so great and the opportunities to meet them are endless.  Please continue to pray for wisdom as Nhomlaau determines how to meet the needs of the Dinka of Aweil. 

God's grace and mercy have surrounded me during the last few months.  His goodness has been so evident as He has provided for my needs, given me a peace that passes all understanding, and continued to guide and direct me through ministry and illness.  My heart yearns to be back in Aweil with the Dinka people, and God willing, I will return within the next couple months.  Thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry in South Sudan.

For His Name's Sake,


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