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Serving Nhomlaau, Serving S. Sudan!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Greetings! My name is Nathan Engelman and I am currently serving on the Nhomlaau Board of Directors as secretary. What a privilege to be a part of something so incredibly great! I have been honored to serve Nhomlaau for the past five years and look forward to many more.

One of the things I love most about Nhomlaau is its founder. Shannon is one of the fiercest women (in the good way, lol) that I have ever met. She is fierce in her defense of the defenseless--especially women and children, she is fierce in here proclamation of God's word, she is fierce in her stand for what is good and right, she is fierce in living boldly for Christ, and she is fierce at the table with a good board game. Having known Shannon from the very earliest stages of her walk with Christ I am always in awe of how quickly she has matured in Christ and how sensitive to His call for her life she has been. She is truly a unique and uniquely gifted person!

Watching Nhomlaau develop and find its "heart" has also been a true joy. Very quickly in working with the Dinka people Shannon saw the need for educational opportunities for women and girls as well as the need for an accurate translation of the Bible in the Dinka language. Both of these vital needs are being met through Shannon and Nhomlaau! They will take a lot more time to complete so we certainly covet your prayers as the work goes on.

Thank you all for your part in the mission and work of Nhomlaau!

In His Service,

Nathan Engelman

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